Art Exhibit

Mrs. Contessa Show

I'd like to welcome Mrs. Contessa Shew to McNair. She is the art intern and will be with us until October 16th. She has a BA in art and her education degree is from Harding University.

Goodnight Fayetteville

A Children's book written by Jennifer Irwin for the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce and illustrated by art teachers from the Fayetteville Public Schools.

It was such a fun group of art educators and city members to work with and the book is a wonderful legacy to our town. With the help of 8 other art teachers, we helped bring Jennifer's words to life.

Annual Art Show

Each year I select work form 5th and 6th grade to display at Red Kite Coffee Co in April. The show is up for a full month and the student has the option to sell. If they choose to sell,all the money goes to them. I have done this for 17 years and begin working with the Arsaga's long ago. This is a patron favorite, becuase there is nothing better than children's art.